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The Growing Teacher Shortage:An Opportunity for Investment

According to the Learning Policy Institute, teacher shortages are happening across the nation and in every subject area. In some states, this problem has reached crisis levels. This growing teacher shortage presents an opportunity for EdTech companies to provide innovative solutions that can help address the shortage. Let’s explore how this crisis is playing out and how GradEd Gaming plans to help alleviate it.

The Current Situation of the Teacher Shortage:

In some states, the teacher shortage has become so severe that it has led to a decrease in student learning outcomes because classrooms are now overcrowded and teachers are being asked to teach outside of their specialties. This situation is especially concerning for high-need areas such as special education, high-needs schools, and STEM fields which require a specialized skillset and knowledge base.

The lack of teachers is exacerbated by a number of factors, including low wages, poor working conditions, lack of job security, increased administrative duties, as well as a dwindling interest from college students in pursuing careers in teaching. To make matters worse, many teachers who do enter the profession end up leaving within five years due to burnout or frustration with salary or working conditions.

Our Solution:

To address the teacher shortage, we are working to develop technology-enabled solutions that provide schools with the tools they need to effectively educate students while they handle teacher vacancies. Our standards-aligned, game-based courses can be utilized in the absence of a teacher. Students will be guided through the curriculum using game-based principles while continuously being assessed on their learning. With GradEd Gaming in your schools, we will employ basic game-based design principles like clear goals/objectives, player constraints, rewards, play, and sometimes competition. Our courses/games are developed for the Metaverse utilizing AI for instantaneous feedback for students.

Additionally, our courses/games are customizable for each student based on their learning needs. In our learning environment, the same accommodations given by special education teachers can be provided like speech-to-text dictation, a reader, and extended time to name a few.

While a certified teacher might not be in your school’s classroom, we will provide a content specific, certified teacher to provide students and schools with additional support when students need that extra help from a content expert. You can staff the classroom with a non-certified staff member while we provide the certified teacher in vacancies you have been unable to fill. Or we can simply supplement the curriculum in your other classrooms that have teachers to increase student engagement, increase student achievement, and decrease students’ off-task behaviors.

It’s Time to Act. Reach out to us!

The teacher shortage is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately if we want all our students to have access to quality education and reach their full potential. With proper investment into innovative solutions – such as our standards-aligned, game-based courses – we can begin addressing this critical issue head on and ensure our students receive the best education possible now and into the future.


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